Monday, August 30, 2010


assalamualaikum and hye there! i'm sorry that i have leave this blog for a long period of time. i'm currently having midterm exam and only 2 more exams to go(officially known). so, for those who ask me to update, thanks for your concern.InsyaAllah, i will be active as i got my laptop as soon as possible=-). i think it is not too late to say salam ramadhan and selamat menyambut hari raya puasa to all Muslims all over the world. don't forget to do as many goods deeds in Ramadhan (insyaAllah for all of us, reminding me and the readers). realise that , we should get back our intention in all our actions, only for the sake of Allah. i'm not so good, but trying to remind myself and others as we are the perfect creation on earth. that's all for now. salam.

salam ramadhan!!

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